Our Sunscreen


We didn’t want just another sunscreen; we wanted a sunscreen that would beat all the others.

Our aim was to produce an Australian made performance sunscreen that felt good on the skin and seriously did what it said it would do. A brand made by active people that is easily recognised and that everybody wants to use.

Our priorities are PROTECTION from UV rays and COMFORT on the skin, which is why our sunscreens are broad spectrum SPF 50+ and designed to feel like a moisturiser.

We want to change the way people think about daily sunscreen. Our philosophy is simple; protect your skin every day and live the life you love!


Our sunscreen has been developed with Australia’s leading sunscreen manufacturer to our own unique specifications. Broad spectrum Australian sunscreens have to be rigorously tested in order to be approved as safe to use by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). So when you buy Australian made TGA approved sunscreen you can be confident you are buying the best on the market. Our unique sunscreen range is the one you can trust.


When we talk about performance from our brand we not only mean it needs to work, it also needs to feel comfortable to wear. Designed for face and body, it feels like you have applied a moisturiser, is lightweight, hydrating and has a sheer finish. It smells great too, so applying sunscreen just got a whole lot more appealing!


Our first priority is sun protection, so our broad spectrum formulas protect your skin from both UVA (ageing) & UVB (burning) rays. Our unique formulas offer maximum protection, whilst being gentle and hydrating on the skin.

Our formulas are PABA & PARABEN FREE. We have also removed reef harming UV filters, OXYBENZONE & OCTINOXATE from our sunscreens.

Our full range is gluten free and we do not test on animals.